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The Montana Department of Transportation does not currently maintain a specific long range plan for consultant utilization. As projects are nominated, internal staff analyzes the capability for MDT to complete the work internally, at which time the decision is made to design with internal MDT staff or to utilize a consultant firm.

Be sure to check out the Current RFQs and RFPs page to see current project/term contract solicitations.

The table below contains known projects/term contracts coming up that the MDT is planning to utilize external consultant services for at this time.

Table 1 - Known upcoming projects that will utilize external consultant services
Project / Term ContractGeneral Scope of ServicesProjected Date of Consultant Selection
Gold Creek Rest Area Study to evaluate options for the Gold Creek Rest Area facility. The study will evaluate two alternatives: a reduced services option (truck parking), and an abandonment option. The end result of the study will be a report that evaluates the need for continued reduced services at this location and summarizes the costs associated with those services. Additionally, the study will include an analysis of the costs associated with an abandonment option. 2017
Cultural Resources Term Contracts Term contracts for conducting cultural and archeological resource inventories for specific projects. The purpose of the resource inventories is the identification and evaluation of known or suspected cultural or archeological resource sites within the project's area of potential effect. Spring 2017
27th Street RR Crossing - Billings Detailed study to determine short and long term solutions for the existing at-grade railroad crossing on 27th Street in Billings. A high-level study was recently completed (2016 Montana Rail Grade Separation Study), identifying this location as being a high priority for MDT. Traffic analysis, structure expertise, Railroad coordination, and public engagement strategies will all be important qualifications for the selected firm to possess. At the completion of this study, the contract will likely end as MDT then considers the viability of proceeding forward with solutions. A different solicitation will be pursued for detailed design effort. The consultant selected for this study will not be precluded from further design services. Summer 2017
Mobridge Geotechnical Study Detailed study to determine factors contributing to slope failure on US 191 from RP 84.3 to 85.2, and to determine short and long term mitigation solutions. This will be a two-phase project; the first phase will be a study; if a viable solution is discovered, the contract will be amended to add detailed design services as a second phase. Development time is important for this study since there is continual maintenance effort required at this location due to the perpetual movement of the slope and resultant impact to the roadway. Summer 2017