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The Contractor Compliance Program ensures that contractors and subcontractors performing work on Federal-aid highway projects comply with Non-Discrimination, Affirmative Action, and Davis Bacon prevailing wage requirements on covered contracts.

Forms for Contractors and Subcontractors


All contractors and subcontractors doing work on a federal-aid highway project valued at $10,000 or more, must complete the following form prior to starting work and post on the bulletin board at the job site:
EEO Annual Submission and Instructions - Submit it Online!

Each contractor and subcontractor must submit the FHWA 1391 form to indicate the workforce employed during the last full week in July. The form must be submitted whether work was being performed or not. Forms are due by August 15th of each year.
EEO FHWA 1391 Annual Workforce Report

Required Bulletin Board Materials


Form WH-347 has been made available for the convenience of contractors and subcontractors required by their Federally-aided construction contracts and subcontracts to submit weekly payrolls.
Payroll Form WH347

Are you performing a type of work that is not included in the wage decisions? If so, fill out the following form and submit to the Contractor Compliance Specialist:
Request for Additional Wage Classification and Rate

Labor Complaint Form PDF or Word


The following link indicates all contractors that have an approved EEO submission for the current year. If you need to submit the EEO information, see the link under EEO forms.
EEO Annual Submissions

The following links are to the most current federal highway wage rates. If you have questions on what wages were included in a particular contract, please reference the contract attachments.
General Decision Number MT 170080 | MT 160080 010816

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