Montana Department of Transportation

Imagine no one dies in a crash.

Imagine the people saved by their one reason. Help reach the vision of zero deaths and zero serious injuries on Montana roads. Always buckle up.

My one reason is...

"My sister. She has always said she wouldn’t be able to live without me, and I would never leave her in this world alone."
- Meghan, Great Falls

"Life is simply too good not to." - Andrew, Great Falls

"The safety of my children." - Willie, Livingston

"Other people’s driving habits motivate me to buckle up!" - Dan, Missoula

"My daughter will be driving in four years. I know she is watching and learning now." - April, Kalispell

Why Buckle Up?

You know you should wear your seat belt. But did you know this?

white text on black background that reads When not buckled, you become a projecticle weapon that can injure or kill your passengers
white text on black background that reads More people die on MOntana roadways during the summer than any other time of year
white text on black background that reads There are 3 impacts in a crash. The object (your car), your body, and your organs

69 lives have been lost in crashes so far in 2017