Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

What is the benefit of being added to a Plan Holders List?

Your inclusion on the list notifies other bidder types of your interest in participating on the project. This increases your chances of being contacted regarding potential inclusion in bidding on the project. However, listing yourself is optional and not mandatory.

How often are the Plan Holders Lists updated?

The Plan Holders Lists files are generally updated to include additions or changes nightly around 1 AM.

What if I didn't get the registration verification e-mail?

Some email accounts have Spam Filters set up that will automatically filter out email messages from senders with “noreply” in the sender address. You should check your spam filtered location for the registration verification email message. For help with checking your spam filtered location consult the instructions for checking spam filters.

How do I get my Okta password if I forget it?

Simply go to the Okta Login Page and click on 'Need help signing in?' then click "Forgot password?". You will be asked to enter the Email or Username on the account, and you will be e-mailed with instructions on resetting your password.

What if I'm getting errors while trying to use the service?

If you are not able to get beyond the “Login” page or the “Okta” page then there could be an issue related to the Internet security settings for your browser. You may need to add the Okta Montana site ( and the MDT site ( to your list of trusted sites and you may need to configure your browser to accept cookies from these sites.

If you can get to the "Menu" page but the application is generating errors in your browser it may be because it is trying to work with information that has been “cached” on your own machine and is no longer valid. You may need to clear cached information from your computer. Regardless of which browser you use, you should log out of the MDT Plan Holders Lists service, clear the cache on your browser and then close and reopen the browser application before attempting to revisit the web site. For help with deleting information from the cache consult the instructions for clearing the cache.

What are the software requirements for using this service?

To use this service you must have an Internet browser and a PDF viewer application.
We have tested the service for the Firefox, Internet Explorer, Edge, Chrome, Opera, and Safari browsers and the Adobe Reader PDF viewers.
Whatever browser you use, it must have security set up such that the Okta Montana site ( and MDT site ( are trusted and accessible; and, it must be set up to accept cookies from these sites.

What if I don't have a web browser?

All of the web browsers that we have tested (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Edge, Chrome, Opera, and Safari) are available for free. The download for these and other free web browsers are readily available on the Internet.

What if I don't have a PDF viewer?

The latest version of Adobe's free PDF Reader is available at the Adobe Reader download page. Other free PDF viewers are also available on the Internet.