The Montana Department of Transportation does not currently maintain a specific long range plan for consultant utilization. As projects are nominated, internal staff analyzes the capability for MDT to complete the work internally, at which time the decision is made to design with internal MDT staff or to utilize a consultant firm.

Be sure to check out the Current RFQs and RFPs page to see current project/term contract solicitations.

The table below contains known projects/term contracts coming up that the MDT is planning to utilize external consultant services for at this time.

Table 1 - Known upcoming projects that will utilize external consultant services
Project / Term Contract General Scope of Services Anticipated Method of Consultant Solicitation Projected Date Of Solicitation
VMS - St Regis to Idaho This project is for the design and installation of variable speed limit signs and associated electrical connection infrastructure. This comes from the recommendations made in the 2016 I-90 Variable Speed Limit Feasibility Study. Open TBD
Sidewalks Phase II-Evergreen Approximately 0.6 mile of new sidewalk adjacent to US Highway 2 in Evergreen. The project starts at Evergreen Drive and extends north to Terry Road and includes various segments on both the east and west sides of US Highway 2. Short-listed - Transportation Alternatives Winter / Spring 2024
Railroad Ave Walks-Alberton Various sections of new shared-use path, sidewalk, pullouts, crosswalks, and signing upgrades along Railroad Avenue in Alberton. The project extends from Old Milwauke Spur (road) along Railroad Avenue to Adams Street. Short-listed - Transportation Alternatives Winter / Spring 2024
Sidewalks-Hot Springs Approximately 0.75 miles of new and replacement sidewalk in Hot Springs in various segments along Main Street, Orchard Street, 2nd Avenue, 3rd Avenue, and Spring Street. Short-listed - Transportation Alternatives Winter / Spring 2024
Traffic Manual (Operations Engineering ) Updating / re-writing the Traffic Manual, including processes, administration and procedures. The consultant will develop the manuals utilizing the existing current Department manual and current standards 'as a guideline to determine the content of the updates being applied to the existing manual content. Manuals provided by other Departments of Transportation, FHWA and AASHTO, (such as the 2023 MUTCD, the current HCM, etc.) are also to be used to determine the new manuals' content. Open Solicitation Late February 2024
Roundabout - King & 64th Comprehensive Road Design services to design a roundabout at the intersection of King Ave and 64th in Billings Short-List Comprehensive Road Design April 2024