"Buy America" is a Federal regulation that requires all steel and iron used on Federal Aid projects to be of domestic origin and manufacture, including any coatings. This page is set up to house supplementary information and guidance related to section 106.09 DOMESTIC MATERIALS in The Montana Book of Standard Specifications for Road and Bridge Construction. Changes and updates will be posted to this page.

Construction Memo on Buy America Training and Webpage

Please use the links below to find new guidance and helpful information on navigating the “Buy America” rules and regulations. This information is meant to be a reference for both Contractors and MDT personnel.

"Buy America" Training Video

Training Video Slides

Training Video Slides with Script

Rebar Guidance Memo

"Steel Checklist Report" Example

Form 406

Additional information on the law; regulations; and FHWA policy and guidance can be found on the FHWA Construction Program Guide on Buy America web page.