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Supportive Services

The DBE Supportive Services Program provides business assistance to contribute to the growth and self–sufficiency of DBE companies in the highway industry. Services include business skill development and training, assistance with bonding/financing, and resources, to provide information and assistance. All highway–related DBE certified companies are eligible for these services.

Request a Training

Reimbursement Program

Based on this year's funding, each in-state highway-related certified DBE has up to $3500 for reimbursement.

If you are submitting mileage for reimbursement you must also submit a google map that clarifies starting point to ending point (mileage is .54 x miles traveled).

Reimbursement Request Form

Complaint Procedure

If you would like to file a complaint as a DBE firm, please complete the form below:

DBE Complaint Form

Reporting Changes

To report any changes effecting your DBE certification or contact information, please complete the form below. This includes requesting additional NAICS, updating business structure changes, reporting new ownership information, etc.

DBE Change Report– Print and fill out
DBE Change Report – Fill out online

Annual Renewal

Certified DBE Firms are required to submit documentation to the DBE program annually to verify that they remain eligible for certification, and participation within the program.

Annual Update Forms

No Change Affidavit
DBE Annual Survey
Personal Net Worth Form

If you wish to end your participation in the DBE Program, please submit the form below:

Notice of Voluntary Removal