MDT's Environmental Services Bureau

Post Creek Bridge

The Environmental Services Bureau is the expert regarding all environmental issues, concerns and opportunities.

The Bureau provides leadership to all Divisions to ensure environmental excellence and compliance with all laws, rules, regulations, policies, orders and agreements.

National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA)/Montana Environmental Policy Act (MEPA)

Montana Department of Transportation (MDT) is a State agency that undertakes transportation projects using Federal funding received under the Federal-aid Highway Program and must assist FHWA in fulfilling its obligations under NEPA for MDT projects (23 CFR 771.109). Additionally, when State funds are expended MDT must fulfill obligations under MEPA (ARM 18.2.201-261)

There are three classes of actions under NEPA/MEPA:


Air/Noise | Cultural Resources | Remediation & Assessment | WADR Memo | WARM Memo | Wetlands | Wetland Delineation Process | Section 4(f)


The environmental services bureau also serves as the lead on all environmental permitting related to MDT's operation.

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