These are Preliminary Bid Packages and may be used to review general requirements of projects in accordance with Subsection 102.06. Preliminary Bid Packages are not valid for bidding purposes and may undergo substantial changes before they are released for bid letting. Only advertised projects may be used for bidding purposes. PS&E Copy – Proposal and Plans are posted approximately 9 weeks prior to advertisement. After the final PS&E design review is completed, Preliminary Bid Packages are posted approximately 3 weeks prior to advertisement.

Suggested comments may be e-mailed to the MDT Prelim Bids.

Please include the project name and number when emailing comments. MDT personnel will view the comments prior to advertisement. Any suggested comments received after the cut off date for advertisement changes will not be included in the advertised contract package unless prior arrangements are made with the Construction Contracting Bureau Chief. We do not send responses on comments for Preliminary Bid Packages. If you need further clarification, feel free to contact our office at 406-444-6212 or 406-444-6215.