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In October 2021, the Montana Department of Transportation (MDT) hosted two opportunities to share information and gather feedback about early design plans to improve approximately five miles of US 87, West of Divide, near Lewistown. The public was provided with similar project information for both the online and in-person meetings.

View the video of the online 11:30 a.m. meeting.

View the PowerPoint presentation.

View copies of the map rolls used for the in-person open house public meeting.
Map MP90 to MP91
Map MP89 to MP90
Map MP88
Map MP86 to MP87

Comments Welcome

Community participation, especially early, is important to the success of the project. You can still submit comments or questions, using the comment form. On the drop-down menu, click US 87, West of Divide.

You also can contact Lisa Gray at lisa.grayXYZhdrincABCcom or call 406-208-0551.

A big thank you to all our US 87 West of Divide project presenters and meeting participants!

Project Overview

The Montana Department of Transportation plans to improve approximately five miles of US 87, West of Divide, near Lewistown. The project area was originally built in the 1930s and 1940s and is being designed to improve safety features. The early design phase includes:

  • Widen the highway and shoulders
  • Replace two timber bridges and two stock passes
  • Straighten curves, flatten hills, and realign the current roadway
    • Realigning the current roadway where it crosses the abandoned railroad tunnel allows MDT to eliminate the collapsed tunnel sections as well as clean up the area
  • Drainage improvements
  • New signage and guardrail, as necessary
  • Centerline and shoulder rumble strips will be added to improve safety for the traveling public

Rumble Strips! Did you know...

  • The use of rumble strips reduces the number and severity of roadway crashes.
  • Shoulder rumble strips reduce the number of run-off-the-road crashes.

This project is in the early design phase, and improvement features may change as MDT learns more about the conditions in the corridor.

project map

Click to view a larger image.

You are encouraged to learn about and comment on the project during its early phases when it is easier to affect change. We hope you will continue to provide comments as US 87 West of Divide moves through the various project phases.

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