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Project Overview

The bridge over Dodson South Canal, located approximately 1.5 miles south of Dodson on Hwy 204, will be replaced with a new structure. To maintain the safety and effectiveness of the route, the existing bridge, which has been identified as being in poor condition, will be replaced with a 14-foot by 10-foot double-cell concrete box culvert. The roadway next to the new structure will also be reconstructed and other minor enhancements will be considered to improve safety at the bridge location.

Construction is expected to begin during winter 2023 or early spring 2024. Construction will occur when water is not in the canal and could run as long as three months. The Montana Department of Transportation sought input from the public and stakeholders to determine the detour route for the project. Based on that input, the temporary detour will be 22.5 miles (an increase in travel distance of 15 miles) to South Wagner Road via Aklaki Road. This was also the most cost-effective option.

Dodson South Canal Detour Routes map

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The highway provides local access to US Route 2 and Hwy 191. It is an identified mail route and is used frequently to move agricultural equipment and products.

UPN 9553001