Project Overview

The Montana Department of Transportation (MDT) is developing a project to improve 8.6 miles of State Route 13 (MT 13) in Roosevelt County. Beginning at the intersection of Secondary 250 (near mile marker 16), the project will fully rebuild the road north to the intersection of County Road 2040 (near mile marker 25).

The improvements will widen the current 24-foot road to 28-feet, which includes 2-foot shoulders. The road will also be shifted to flatten the tight horizontal curves and the abrupt vertical curves. The improvements will bring the road to current design standards and improve safety. The Box Elder Creek Bridge (near mile marker 20) was built in 1931 will be replaced with a new bridge. The bridge crossing North Fork Box Elder Creek (near mile marker 22) is planned to be replaced with a large culvert. Safety features, such as rumble strips, guardrail, and snow slopes, will also be included. The project will make every effort to minimize impact to sensitive environmental areas while maintaining current safety standards.

Impacts to landowners and utilities will be minimized during the design process, however it is expected that new right-of-way will be needed, and some utilities will need to be moved for construction.

Impact to the traveling public is inevitable on a highway reconstruction project such as this, however the design of this project will attempt to reduce the impact to the road users as much as possible. Much of the reconstructed roadway, including the new bridge, will be shifted outside of the current roadway prism to allow traffic to proceed on the current road with limited delays during construction.

Project Map

JCT SEC 250 North project map

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