Project Overview

The Montana Department of Transportation (MDT) is taking proactive safety measures along Montana Highway 1 (MT 1) where rockfall hazards are a concern. The project is located less than a mile north of Georgetown Lake Road between Anaconda and Philipsburg.

MT 1 Slope Stability project map

MT 1 Slope Stability Project Map

This project will see MDT repair or replace existing rockfall mitigation structures and remove potentially hazardous unstable rock material. Other work will include cleaning out the roadside ditch and removing and resetting signs.

Planned work includes:

  • Repairing or replacing existing rockfall mitigation structures
  • Removing potentially hazardous unstable rock material
  • Cleaning out the roadside ditch
  • Removing and resetting signs in the project area

Why is the project needed?
Routine inspections identified this stretch of MT 1 as having potentially hazardous rock materials. This preventive maintenance project will increase the safety of motorists traveling through the area by repairing or replacing existing rockfall mitigation structures that were installed in 2008 and removing potentially hazardous rocks. The project will extend the service life of existing rockfall netting and fencing and remove potentially hazardous rockfall material in the project area.

MT 1 Slope Stability project area

MT 1 Slope Stability Project Area

What is rockfall mitigation?
MDT constructs and maintains rockfall mitigation structures across the state. The purpose of rockfall mitigation is to increase motorist safety while traveling on Montana’s roads and highways by removing potentially hazardous rock materials or installing structures to help keep rocks off the road.

MT 1 Slope Stability project fencing

MT 1 Slope Stability Project Fencing

What to expect during construction:
MDT accelerated the development and design of this project in order to get a contractor hired and the work to remove potentially hazardous rocks completed in 2022. Construction is expected to begin in September and anticipated to be completed in late fall 2022 depending on the availability of materials.

During construction, motorists should expect:

  • Delays of up to 30 minutes
  • Flaggers and traffic signals may direct traffic
  • Traffic will be reduced to a single lane for about one mile
  • Width restrictions are in place (visit for the most up-to-date information)
  • One five-day road closure

Stay Informed During Construction

MDT will notify the public about traffic impacts and work activities through the project website, local media, mailings, social media, and email and text notifications during construction. See information in the sidebar to the right to sign up for notifications.

Current construction information and road conditions can be found on the MDT Travel Info App.

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