Governor Gianforte and Lt. Governor Juras have initiated a Red Tape Relief Project that includes a comprehensive regulatory review across all state agencies with the intention of implementing reforms that will open Montana for business, grow our economy, and bring good-paying jobs to Montana.

The comprehensive review will identify necessary but over-complicated regulations to simplify compliance, ensuring they are user-friendly and easy to understand.

The process will be thorough and careful to preserve regulations necessary to implement legislative directives, including the protection of consumer safety and public health. More information regarding the Governor’s Red Tape Relief Project can be found here:

As a state agency serving the traveling public of Montana, MDT needs your help and wants to hear from you. To gather input during this process, we encourage the public, stakeholders, and agency staff to provide us your ideas related to your experience working with MDT.

Here are a few things to consider as you help identify burdensome, unnecessary regulations:

  1. We ask that you organize and submit your ideas for reform by topic. For example, if you feel that a certain Construction Contracting regulation stifles business, your heading would be Contracting.
  2. Please be prepared to identify a specific problem and solution before you complete the form online. Here is an example:


    Topic: BaRSAA
    The request process for annual BaRSAA allocations is cumbersome, exacting and painfully slow. The process often goes through multiple different people and/or agencies, and Webgrants is extremely confusing. Why can’t BaRSAA work like the regular gas tax funds that are automatically distributed with no burdensome request process?


    Restructure the way in which the annual BaRSAA funds are distributed. Change the law that requires the current burdensome process of requesting allocations.
  3. If you want to identify problems on more than one topic, please submit a new form for each topic.

We encourage you to please submit your ideas by taking a short survey

Alternatively, you may submit your ideas by either:

  • Submitting the form below
  • Emailing gstreeterXYZmtABCgov.

Please note that all survey responses and input collected during this effort are anonymous unless you choose to include personal information for follow-up from MDT. You may submit multiple survey responses and comments.

Thank you in advance for your ideas and your support in helping lead Montana's comeback.