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The Traffic Safety Culture pooled fund study brings together professionals and researchers from around the country seeking approaches to impact culture to reduce roadway fatalities and serious injuries. By evaluating human behavior and tactics to positively influence driver’s decisions, the study identifies effective techniques and technologies to increase cultural awareness of safety habits and decisions.

Phase 3 now open for commitments!

Watch an informational webinar – see where we’ve been and going with the Traffic Safety Culture pooled fund.

About the Traffic Safety Culture Pooled Fund

The Traffic Safety Culture transportation pooled fund study is a national research consortium focused on creating tools to positively promote and change culture.

Engaging states across the country since 2015, the study raised over $2,600,000 in commitments to fund research and technology transfer efforts. Representatives from participating states meet quarterly (virtually) to discuss and prioritize projects, share effective practices, and review research results.

For administrative information about the pooled fund, please visit the study-specific webpage hosted by FHWA on its Transportation Pooled Fund website.

The third phase of the pooled fund study is seeking partners. Please visit the solicitation website for more information and to make commitments. Once the baseline commitment level is reached, the third phase will become a pooled fund study. A kick-off meeting is planned for the study and will be announced.

Current Contributing Partners

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How to Participate

The Traffic Safety Culture pooled fund study is an ongoing pooled fund project through the Transportation Pooled Fund Program. It proposes and funds new research projects or related activities on an annual basis. Your participation will help maintain and strengthen this ongoing contribution to real-world changes in positive messaging to impact cultural changes around traffic safety.

Any organization (governmental, private, academic) can participate. Quarterly meeting are open to anyone interested. An organization who financially participates gets to help establish the research needs. Interested organizations are asked to make a $15,000 annual commitment to the pooled fund. If an organization contributes more than $25,000 per year, that organization can have a second voting members. All voting members are invited to meet once a year at an in-person Technical Advisory Committee meeting (location to be announced). The annual contributions cover investigator work on research projects, implementation and technology transfer activities, administrative management of the pooled fund, and travel expenses for member representatives to attend Technical Advisory Committee meetings.

State DOTs may use 100% federal funds to contribute to the Traffic Safety Culture pooled fund. Contact your DOT research program for more information about this option.

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Phase 2 Management Plan
NCHRP Traffic Safety Culture Research Roadmap (NCHRP 17-96)
Traffic Safety Culture Resources Collection

Contact Us

Kelly Green

Administrative Contact
Center for Health and Safety Culture
Montana State University


Tammy Ross

Lead Agency Contact
Montana Department of Transportation


Rebecca Ridenour

Lead Agency Administrative Contact
Montana Department of Transportation