About 511

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What is 511?
511 is Montana's easy-to-remember traveler information service. 511 provides continual updates about weather-related road conditions, road work, commercial vehicle restrictions, road closures, chain requirements and other travel information via the phone or Internet.

How does 511 work?
On the phone, simply dial 511. The system offers both voice response and touch-tone options to request road-specific information.


On the Web, find traveler information at www.511mt.net

Information is available anytime - 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Can I call 511 from my cell phone?
Most wireless companies will connect to 511; however, there may be places where reception is poor, preventing access or hindering connection.

In some cases, especially along state borders, Montana 511 may connect to the adjoining state's 511 system. Should this occur, simply call 800/226.7623 to access Montana 511 information.

Drivers are encouraged to put safety first and dial 511 before driving or ask a passenger to call 511 along the route. You can also call 511 or log onto www.511mt.net prior to departure, or place your call at an appropriate stopping point along the way.

Is there a charge for 511?
511 is a public service of the Montana Department of Transportation. Calls to 511 are considered local when dialed from landline phone.

Cell phone users are responsible for normal airtime and roaming charges in accordance with their wireless service contracts. MDT encourages motorists to pull off the road and park in a safe area before using cell phones.

Which Montana roads are covered in 511?
511 is a statewide service and provides information on the interstates, U.S. routes and state highways and some secondary highways. It does not include all secondary highways, county roads or city streets.

Can I get information about a specific road?
Yes. You may access weather-related driving conditions for specific roads.

On the phone, follow the prompts to access specific highway information.

On the Web, use the Traveler Information Map or Road Condition Report for detailed information. The Traveler Information mobile app is also available for Android and Apple devices.

If 511 service is not available through your landline or wireless carrier, you may call 800/226.7623. The 800 number can also be used when calling from neighboring states.

What is 511's relationship to 911?
911 is used to report emergencies and/or the need for police or medical attention. 511 is a traveler information number.

How is 511 different from radio and TV news?
511 is an information source that complements radio and television broadcasts. 511 allows the caller to choose route specific which differs from the information given by broadcast media.

Is 511 available nationwide?
While many states, highway corridors and cities already have 511 service, some states are still working to implement 511. Click here to view a map showing 511 nationwide.

If I call 511 in other locations (states), will it be the same as in Montana?
The intent is for all 511 systems to provide similar information; however, there may be some differences in formats between systems.