Office of Civil Rights

The Office of Civil Rights (OCR) manages the following programs to ensure that all beneficiaries and potential beneficiaries of MDT programs are offered an equal participation opportunity:

Affirmative Action

Develop, implement, monitor, and evaluate EEO and affirmative action of MDT programs


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Contractor Compliance

Ensure contractor compliance with EEO, Non-Discrimination, Affirmative action, and wage requirements


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Disadvantaged Business Enterprise program and Small Business Enterprise program information


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External ADA

Ensure people with disabilities have equal opportunities to use the public rights-of-way system


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OJT Supportive Services

Provide support to schools providing highway construction training programs


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Non-Discrimination and EEO

Ensure MDT conducts business in an environment free of discrimination, harassment, and retaliation


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National Summer Transportation Institute

Address the needs of a diverse workforce and promote greater awareness of career opportunities within the transportation industry.


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Megan Handl

Bureau Chief

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