All bidders need a Vendor Number / Bidder Identification Number issued through the Construction Contracting Bureau to bid on a project using AASHTOWare Project Bids, Bid Express, and access the Plan Holders List. To get a new number or find out what your existing number is call the 406-444-6212 or 406-444-6215.

Plan Holders Lists Service

The Department maintains Project Plan Holders Lists showing business entities that request to be added to the lists. You will need a Bidder Identification Number. To get a new number or find out what your existing number is call the 406-444-6212 or 406-444-6215. Getting Started | FAQ

Contractor Registration

Montana law requires all contractors to register with the Montana Department of Labor and Industry. On federal-aid projects, contractors must register prior to executing a contract. On state-funded projects, bidders must be registered prior to submitting a bid. For information regarding this requirement, contact the Department of Labor and Industry at 406-444-7734 or TTY 406-444-5549.

Contract Documents

The following documents are part of a contract and should be reviewed before submitting your bid.

  1. Standard Specifications for Road and Bridge Construction
  2. Detailed Drawings
  3. Question and Answer Forum
  4. The current month's Advertised Bid Packages
  5. Addenda Project addenda are available on the Q&A forum.

Question & Answer Forum

The Question and Answer Forum is an essential resource for potential bidders. The Forum opens at 5:00 p.m. on the advertised bid letting date and closes at 10:00 a.m. (Mountain Time) on the Monday before the bid letting. If Monday is a state holiday, questions will be accepted through the Friday prior to the bid letting. Questions asked by potential bidders, MDT's answers and other information posted by the Department on the Forum can be viewed online until 5:00 p.m. the day before the bid letting.

Please note: The information supplied in the Forum is subject to change until 5:00 p.m. the day before the scheduled bid letting. The information posted at that time will be included in the awarded contract. Always refresh (reload) the Q&A Forum webpage at each visit to be sure you are seeing the most current information. It is the contractor's responsibility to view any clarifications and/or questions and answers that are posted on the Question & Answer Forum for any project they may be submitting a bid on as a prime bidder, a subcontractor or a supplier.


  1. Invitations for Bids
    The Invitation for Bids is a resource that outlines current advertised projects. Check the Letting Schedule for the advertise, letting and award dates. The 100 Series Invitation is for the first letting in a month and the 200 Series Invitation is for the second letting in the month.
  2. Advertised Bid Packages
    Advertised Bid packages containing job-specific information are available online.
  3. Advertised Bid Files
    Advertised Bid Files are electronic files to be used with the AASHTOWare Project Bids™ electronic bidding software. Bid files will no longer be posted on the MDT site. Please obtain the bid files from Bid Express™ Secure Internet Bidding.
  4. Amendments
    Amended bid files will be uploaded to Bid Express™ Secure Internet Bidding. An Amendment Insert with a summary of project amendments will be posted to the Q&A.

Bid Submission Deadline

Electronic bid submission and electronic bid bond verification are required. Bids must be submitted by 9:00am on letting day, the bids will be downloaded and read thereafter in a Zoom Webinar. Letting link available at the top of the Q&A Forum.

AASHTOWare Project Bids™ Software | Bid Express™ Secure Internet Bidding

Effective for the December 7, 2017 bid letting and beyond, all contractors are required to use AASHTOWare Project Bids™ Electronic Bidding System to prepare their bid electronically. Prime contractors will also need a Bid Express™ Secure Internet Bidding account to submit their bid. The two systems communicate with one another.

Allow 2 weeks for processing when you sign up for the Bid Express service and to obtain your Digital ID. Questions

Electronic Bid Bond

Electronic bid bond verification must be submitted through AASHTOWare Project Bids and Bid ExpressTM. Contact Bid Express for more information on electronic bid bond verification. Please see the Bidding Requirements – Proposal Guarantee (102-8) Special Provision for more information.


Prequalification is required only for some Specialty Types of work at this time. No other prequalification is required.

Project Award

Projects are awarded approximately 12 calendar days after the bid letting. Contractors have 20 calendar days from receipt of the contracts to acquire insurance (107.13.1) and bonding, and to return signed contracts to the Construction Contracting Bureau.

Withdrawing Bids

Bids may be withdrawn by filling out the Bid Withdrawal Form and submitting it to the official, prior to the reading of the bids. Bids can also be withdrawn electronically, please see the process here. Unless withdrawn, all submitted bids become the property of the Department. Non-responsive bids are not read.

Suspended Bidders

Suspended bidders are prohibited from entering a contractual relationship with the Montana Department of Transportation.

Federal List | State List


Please contact the Construction Contracting Bureau at 406-444-6215 or 406-444-6212.