Qualified Products List

Not all products used during construction are required to be listed on the Department's Qualified Products List (QPL). Contractual requirements may allow the use of QPL items in lieu of acceptance based on test results in order to facilitate inspection of products with proven track records. Contractual requirements may limit products to only those listed on the QPL when it has been determined use of preapproved QPL products are in the Department's best interest.

The Department also uses the QPL to identify suppliers/fabrication plants that undergo Department inspections and audits to assure quality products are provided. Products from non-Department certified plants may still be permissible provided adequate inspections are arranged.

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New Products

The Department is always on the lookout for cost effective and innovative products to meet the traveling publics’ needs. In general, it is the Department's intent to identify the performance measures required and then allow all products meeting or exceeding these criteria to compete. Proposed products not currently addressed by Department specifications or requiring changes to Department specifications can be submitted to the Department's Standards Committee for consideration.

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