Highway 200 Jordan to Brockway

Project Overview

The Montana Department of Transportation (MDT) is working to reconstruct nearly 37 miles of Montana Highway 200 (MT 200) between Jordan and Brockway to provide a more efficient travel experience and improve access for all users.

MT 200 was built in the early to mid-1900s and not constructed to accommodate today’s larger-sized vehicles. Reconstruction will bring the highway to modern design standards by widening the roadway, adding shoulders, and increasing lines of sight.

This is a large project that is comprised of five phases and will take several years to complete. MDT crews and contractors are committed to building a better road with minimal inconvenience to the traveling public.

Highway 200 Jordan to Brockway improvements include:

  • Wider roadway with 12-foot travel lanes and 6-foot shoulders
  • Improved horizontal and vertical road alignment
  • Rumble strips on the centerline and shoulders
  • Flattened slopes on the side of the roadway
  • New drainage structures and bridge over Little Dry Creek
  • Additional signage and striping
  • Wildlife-friendly fencing in various areas

Little Dry Creek project map

How will this impact me?

During construction season, there will be traffic reconfigurations, temporary signals, and reduced speeds. Short delays of up to 15 minutes may occur.

What will this cost?

The cost to reconstruct all 37 miles of MT Highway 200 is estimated at $75 - $95 million. Much of the funding, between 86 - 100%, will come from federal sources. The remaining funds will come from Montana Gas Tax funds.

Currently Under Construction

Phase 2: Junction 462 East & West

In spring 2023, crews will return to complete construction on the second phase of the MT Highway 200 reconstruction project, Junction 462 East & West. This phase includes reconstructing just over 9 miles of MT 200, from about 17 miles east of Jordan to just east of the Little Dry Creek Bridge. The scope of work also includes a new bridge to be built over Little Dry Creek, which is complete.

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