I90 Lookout Pass to Taft

Project Overview

The Montana Department of Transportation (MDT) is designing proposed improvements to a nearly six-mile section of Interstate 90 (I 90) in the Lolo National Forest, beginning on the Montana side of the Montana-Idaho border. The I 90 Lookout Pass to Taft project area is located in rugged, mountainous, and heavily forested terrain and roughly parallels the upper reaches of the St. Regis River. The area is used for recreational activities during both summer and winter, and access is provided at two interchanges including Lookout Pass and Taft. The Dena Mora Rest Area is located near the east end of the project area.

The project will replace deteriorating pavement with new and more durable concrete, as well as provide additional improvements including:

  • Lookout Pass Interchange safety enhancements.
  • Surface drainage upgrades and culvert replacements.
  • Concrete barrier replacement.
  • Roadway lighting and signage updates.

The proposed improvements will be constructed within the existing roadway width and no right-of-way impacts are anticipated at this time.

MDT understands how important this section of interstate is to many. We welcome your feedback and encourage you to learn more about these upcoming transportation improvements.

I90 Lookout

Project Location Map

Project area map

The project begins on the Montana-Idaho border and extends almost 6 miles easterly to the Taft Interchange. Local access is provided at two interchanges: Lookout Pass and Taft. The Dena Mora Rest Area is located near the east end of the project area. The Dena Mora Rest Area is located near the eastern end of the project area.

Project Schedule

The project is currently in the design phase. Construction of Segment 2, beginning at the Taft interchange for approximately 2 miles west, is anticipated to begin in the spring of 2024 and extend through 2025. Segment 1 construction is scheduled to take place in 2026 and 2027. To maintain one open lane of traffic in each direction on I 90, only one side (east or westbound) will be reconstructed at a time.

Stay Involved

Stakeholder and public feedback are encouraged throughout all project phases to ensure MDT identifies a solution that best meets the traffic and safety needs of the community and all those who travel the roadway.


Montana's roads and bridges are mainly funded through a combination of federal (88.5%) and state/local (11.5%) funding sources. MDT receives no funding from Montana's general fund revenue. Federal road and bridge revenues are generated from the users of our highways through gasoline and diesel fuel taxes and apportioned to states through federal highway legislation.

MDT prioritizes the highest needs across the state making careful funding decisions each year.

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