Project Overview

US Highway 93 is a busy route used by residents, visitors, and commercial vehicles to travel from Interstate 90 and Missoula to Lake and Flathead County communities. There are several challenges and concerns along this highway, including wildlife crossings, winding terrain, steep elevation changes, cross traffic, and traffic congestion in urban areas along the route.

These challenges, and congestion, in particular, are exasperated in the summer months when traffic volume increases due to tourists and recreationists heading north to the lakes and Glacier National Park. Traffic is expected to increase significantly in the years to come.

The Montana Department of Transportation is working on several projects in various development stages to address many of these challenges and concerns. These projects are outlined below:

For more information about the projects underway in the US 93 Corridor, contact Katie Hodge at KatieXYZbigskypublicrelationsABCcom.

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Map of projects un US 93 corridor between South of Ravalli to Polson

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UPNs 9893000, 9828000, 9892000, 8008000, 9614000, 1744020, 1744019, 9861000, 9358000, 9895000