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MDT has spent the last year and a half working closely with a small-group stakeholder committee to update the Pablo Intersection Improvements design concept.

This committee consisted of local elected officials, landowners, representatives from Lake County oversight boards, the CSKT Tribal council, and local disaster and emergency services personnel.

Major concerns noted at the 2019 public meeting and by this stakeholder committee include bike path guardrail and sight distance, the length of turn lanes, the width of the U-turns, dip/sag impeding visibility, and acceleration lanes.

View the Project Area Map that shows the improvements as developed in concert with the suggestions of the stakeholder committee.

Project Overview

The Pablo Safety Improvements project is a community-driven effort to address fatal crashes, and serious injury crashes at the intersection of US 93 and Old Highway 93, one mile south of Pablo. The intersection currently requires drivers to cross multiple lanes of high-speed traffic.

Divided highway intersections like the one south of Pablo have an elevated risk of right-angle, T-bone style crashes, especially for drivers attempting to cross all four lanes of traffic. In the last 13 years, Montana Highway Patrol records show a total of 15 crashes at the intersection, including two fatalities. MDT is working collaboratively with local stakeholders to decide upon an improved intersection design to reduce fatal and serious injury crashes.

Project Area Map

Pablo Safety Improvements Project Area Map


The project is currently in the design phase. Once the design and preliminary engineering plans are finalized, the project will be bid for construction.

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