Acronym Definition
AADT Annual Average Daily Traffic
AADTT Annual Average Daily Truck Traffic
ADT Average Daily Traffic
ATR Automatic Traffic Recorder
AVMT Annual Vehicle Miles Traveled (of Traffic)
CCS Continuous Count Station
Corridor Route MDT route naming convention (ex: C000005)
Count Site ID County, Mapsheet, Station ID (ex: 25-7B-20)
Departmental Route MDT route naming convention (ex: N-5)
DHV Design Hour Volume = K * ADT (usually 30th highest hour)
DVMT Daily Vehicle Miles Traveled (of Traffic)
ESAL Equivalent Single-Axle Load
MADT Monthly Average Daily Travel
MPO Metropolitan Planning Organization
NHS National Highway System
NI-NHS Non-Interstate National Highway System
Off System routes All routes that are not on system. This includes State Highway (X-routes) and Locals (L-routes)
On System routes Route categories that are classified as On System (Interstate, Non-interstate NHS, Primary, Secondary, Urban)
PWIM Portable Weigh In Motion
RP Reference Post (Mile Post)
TBS Traffic By Sections
TDC Traffic Data Collection
TDCA Traffic Data Collection and Analysis Section
TMG Traffic Monitoring Guide
TYC Traffic Yearly Counts
VMT Vehicle Miles Traveled (of Traffic)
WIM Weigh In Motion (an ATR that weighs vehicles)