Pursuant to 23 USC (162), States and Tribes are the only eligible applicants for NSBP grant funds and technical assistance. Other entities, such as byway organizations may partner with a state department of transportation (DOT) or Tribal government to submit an application. For purposes of grant administration, a State DOT or Indian Tribe agrees to serve as the lead for submitting grant applications and letters of intent, as well as administering grants for sub-recipients.

State DOTs and Tribes, as the eligible applicants, may limit projects to certain byway designations or project types, establish internal deadlines, and/or set project cost thresholds, in accordance with the processes and procedures each State DOT or Tribe establishes for prioritizing project applications for submittal to FHWA.

Please refer to the guidelines linked below for information on MDT’s eligibility requirements and criteria for prioritizing application submissions for NSBP funds. Additional instructions will be posted on this webpage and is dependent on the details outlined in the NSBP’s NOFO at that time. MDT will make every effort to post such information as soon as reasonably possible.

Eligibility Criteria and Guidelines for Parties Interested in Applying for National Scenic Byway Program Discretionary Grant Funding

This page will be updated with further information upon release of a FHWA Notice of Funding Opportunity. Please bookmark this page and check back regularly for updates.

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