The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) provides grant monies for airport construction and planning through the Airport Improvement Program (AIP). This money can also be used for state aviation system planning.

In an effort to assist public use airports with federal compliance regulations, the Aeronautics Division routinely uses AIP monies to create Montana State Aviation System Plans (SASPs). These plans commonly include airport capital improvement plans and pavement condition reports. In addition, the Aeronautics Division creates SASPs that report on forecast trends, airport engineering dimensional studies, and economic impacts.

SASPs are conducted annually, depending on available financing, FAA eligibility, and proposed work.

2021 SASP

Pavement Conditions Index

2018 SASP

Pavement Conditions Index

2015 SASP

Inventory & Forecasting Executive Summary
Inventory & Forecasting Report
Inventory & Forecasting Video
Pavement Conditions Index

2012 SASP

Pavement Conditions Index

Airports Economic Impact Study



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