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Billings Bypass yellowstone river bridge

Check out the Project Camera web page to view the Yellowstone River Bridge segment of the Billings Bypass project.

Project Overview

The Billings Bypass project is a multi-phase project that will result in a new arterial roadway. The new road will begin at the Johnson Lane Interchange on Interstate 90 (I 90) in Lockwood, Montana, span the Yellowstone River, and connect to the Highway 312/Highway 87 intersection in the Billings Heights. An additional segment reconstructed Five Mile Road north of the new road and now connects Five Mile Road to Old Highway 312.

Map of Billings Bypass project

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This project is led by the Montana Department of Transportation (MDT) in cooperation with the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), Yellowstone County, and City of Billings. DOWL is the lead project engineer and public information coordinator, and Morrison-Maierle is the lead bridge engineer. Kittelson and Associates are performing the traffic engineering and operational analyses.

Current Status:

  • The Five Mile Road project segment is complete.
  • The Yellowstone River Bridge segment is currently under construction and is anticipated to be completed in 2022.
  • The Railroad Overpass segment is scheduled to begin construction in late 2022. This adjustment will allow for public use of the new river crossing after the completion of the Railroad Overpass using a temporary connection to Coulson Road.
  • The Johnson Lane Interchange segment design is nearly 90% complete. Meetings with property owners and stakeholders are ongoing; please reach out to the project team by email or 406-294-9668 if you have any questions or comments. Construction on this segment of the project is planned to begin in 2023.

Additional detail about each project segment is available on the Status / Schedule page.

close up Map of Billings Bypass project

The Yellowstone River Bridge will be available for public use once the Railroad Overpass segment of the project is complete. The new roadway will provide a connection to the south end of the new bridge.

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