Environmental Services Bureau

Tom Martin, P.E., Bureau Chief, 406-444-0879

Engineering Section

Tom Gocksch, P.E., Engineering Section Supervisor, 406-444-9412

Compliance with Montana and National Environmental Policy Acts (MEPA and NEPA), Clean Water Act Permitting, Tribal Water Resources Permits, Municipal Separate Stormwater Systems (MS4), Erosion Control, Construction and Temporary Facilities Permitting, Compliance Assistance, Post Construction Vegetation and Project Closeout.

District Project Development Engineers

Tommy Griffeth, Billings District (Billings MS4), 406-444-7202
Grant Rodway, Missoula District (Missoula and Kalispell MS4, 406-444-0825
Sam Ahlrich, P.E., Butte District (Butte and Bozeman MS4), 406-444-7693
Derek Fleming, Great Falls District (Great Falls and Helena MS4), 406-444-7648
Dan Harrington, P.E., Statewide, 406-444-7032
John Heinley, P.E., Statewide, 406-444-7223

Field Services Unit

Walt Ludlow, P.E., Field Services Unit Supervisor, 406-444-9227

Darcy Goodson, Reclamation Specialist, 406-444-7657
JD Buck, P.E., Statewide Environmental Engineering Specialist, 406-444-6395

District Environmental Engineering Specialists

Rich Nehl, P.E., Butte & Bozeman MS4, 406-494-9612
Andrew Fletcher, P.E., Glendive, 406-345-8266
Michael Ivanoff, P.E., Missoula & Kalispell MS4, 406-523-5824
Ben LaVoie, P.E., Great Falls & Helena MS4, 406-308-9411
Terrence Callahan, Billings MS4, 406-657-0273