Policy Number Policy Title and Description
Guidelines and Mechanisms for Transportation Partnerships
01 Doing Business As
A contractor may use only one business name throughout the duration of a contract.
02 Pre-Bid Conference
If a prebid conference is held to discuss unique or unusual project features, a bidder MUST participate in the event in order for his/her bid to be considered responsive.
03 Receipt of Addendum
If an addendum is issued for a project, a bidder must sign the acknowledgment of receipt in order for his/her bid to be considered responsive.
04 Revision of Bid Requirements
Defines requirements for a responsive bid, e.g. original signatures on bid bond and bid proposal, acknowledgement of electronic addendum, complete schedule of items.
05 Congressionally Directed Federal-aid Funding
Policy for managing congressionally directed Federal-aid funding, including demonstration projects, high priority projects and project earmarks.
06 Urban Highway Program
An urban area may borrow up to five years of its current year apportionment not to exceed 50 percent of the total amount apportioned to the state urban highway program.
07 Jointly Funded Signalization Project
Parameters for partnering with the department to fund crossing signals at a public at-grade railroad crossing.
08 Commission Approved Contracts
A local government sponsoring a utility project that will impact state highways must submit the project to MDT for review and approval; approval will be contingent in part on all applicable state/federal construction specifications being met.
09 Collection Of Charitable Contributions On Highway Facilities
Ensure that adequate safety measures are taken when this practice occurs, and that there is minimal disruption to traffic.
10 Environmental Funding
Parameters for funding of environmental restoration and pollution abatement associated with transportation facilities.
11 Claims Dispute
Dispute/challenges following a contractor's submission of a proposal for contract may be grounds for debarment, suspension, and/or a freeze on participation in future projects. Prime contractors will manage their subcontractors and suppliers directly in this regard.
12 Reapproving A Project Based On Increase In Scope And Cost
Define the parameters by which the Montana Department of Transportation will bring a project back to the commission for reapproval.
13 Additional Interchanges
Parameters for adding and funding a new interchange on Montana's interstate system.
POL 9.01.014 Contract Award Policy - 01/04/24
Establishes timeframes for the activities between bid letting and contract award with the intent of expediting award.
15 Contract Award Guidelines
Outline the process by which the Montana Department of Transportation makes recommendations to the commission, and to specify the conditions under which the commission will and will not award transportation contracts.
POL 9.01.016 Right of Public Participation Policy - 08/29/19
The Policy in which to secure for the people of Montana their constitutional right to be afforded reasonable opportunity to participate in the operation of the Transportation Commission (Commission) prior to final decisions of the Commission.