Where do you want to be in 5 years?

MDT is committed to the on-going development of its employees. Our employees are encouraged to identify their strengths and the areas where they would like training or mentoring. Employees have the opportunity to create their own career plan and are given the training, tools, and encouragement they need to realize their goals.

Career Ladders

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A career ladder is a plan for employee advancement generally based on increased responsibility and more complex job duties. Career ladders identify the type of work performed at each level and the requirements to be met to move to the next level. In many cases, training specific to career ladder advancement is provided by MDT.

An increasing number of MDT jobs are part of a career ladder designed to provide advancement opportunities.

MDT currently offers career ladders in:

  • engineering
  • construction
  • information services
  • maintenance
  • motor carrier services
  • safety & health

Training & Education

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Our training programs give employees the added knowledge they need to advance in their professions or to qualify for management positions.

Our inhouse training covers a wide range of job-related subjects from basic software training to industry-specific trends and innovations. Ongoing instruction provided by industry trainers includes information on engineering, preconstruction, materials, and maintenance.

Mentoring Programs

MDT also offers mentoring programs at various levels within the organization. Currently the Maintenance Division is offering the Maintenance Management Mentoring program designed to address the impending retirement of approximately 80% of the division’s management staff statewide.

Licensing Incentives

MDT encourages its Professional Engineers (PE) and Professional Land Surveyors (PLS) to maintain their respective licenses by obtaining 30 Professional Development Hour (PDH) units during the two-year renewal cycle.

For information about licensing requirements in Montana, please visit the Department of Labor and Industry’s website www.engineer.mt.gov and read ARM 24.183.2105 Continuing Professional Competency–Continuing Education.