Montana mountain and lake scene

One of the best things about living in Montana is the possibility of being at a favorite trout stream, ski slope, hiking trail, or other outdoor adventure within a few minutes of leaving home or work.

Montana Almanac

Considering a move to Montana? You're going to love this state's wide open spaces, craggy mountains and crystal clear lakes and rivers.

Montana, the fourth largest state in the nation, offers countless acres of unrivaled beauty. Today, some 3.4 million acres of forested lands are reserved as wilderness areas, national parks, and national monuments.

There are endless opportunities for fishing, canoeing, kayaking, rafting and floating. One could literally spend a lifetime floating Montana's rivers without revisiting a single stretch!

In this unparalleled natural world, you might expect limited cultural opportunities, yet Montana has a rich, fascinating history, a great tradition of literature, and a flourishing art community. Even the smallest cities are well-endowed with museums, galleries, symphonies, chorales, live theatre, and dance groups.

Montana's Indian reservations are rich strongholds of Native American heritage. They are places where Indian culture can be experienced in sacred landscapes and at annual gatherings—where traditional dress is worn and rituals are performed as they have been for hundreds of years. Remarkable arts and crafts reflect a unique connection between Montana Indians and the natural world.

Beautiful surroundings, top-rated schools, endless outdoor opportunities, and friendly people combine to create a high quality of life for Montana residents. No wonder Montana is billed "the Last Best Place." There really is no place quite like Montana.

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