Bulletin Boards must be located in an area accessible to all employees and available at all times. The location must be coordinated with the MDT Project Manager or MDT Maintenance Superintendent.

A traditional physical bulletin board is not required as weather can be problematic. Three ring notebooks can be placed in weatherproof containers such as five-gallon buckets, boxes, etc.

Bulletin board materials inside an unlocked vehicle can only be used if the work is mobile such as fencing, striping, or traffic control.

If the Prime is willing, Subcontractors may use the Prime’s bulletin board as long as their own EEO information is posted on it.

If you need items in other formats or languages, please email the Contractor Compliance Specialist.

Bulletin Board Materials

Company Specific Documents

  • Company’s Internal Discrimination Complaint Procedures
  • Company’s Internal EEO Discrimination Complaint Form or MDT’s
  • Company’s Montana EEO Policy Statement – Includes Policy Statement, Discrimination Complaint Procedures, and Complaint Form

Project Specific Documents

Required Posters