Note: The zip file includes the CAD, STD and PDF files for that drawing

Title Download Options
Prestressed Concrete Beams English
Type 1 ZIP
Type MT-28 ZIP
Type A ZIP
Type M-72 ZIP
Slabs English
Slab with T101 ZIP
Slab with Barrier ZIP
Slab with W740/W830 ZIP
Slab with beam type MTS ZIP
Rails English
T101 ZIP
W740 ZIP
W830 ZIP
Barrier ZIP
Pedestrian ZIP
Handrail ZIP
W740/W830 Termination Details ZIP
Drilled Foundation Anchor Post ZIP
36" Single Slope Barrier PDF
36" Single Slope Barrier Reinforcing PDF
42" Single Slope Barrier PDF
42" Single Slope Barrier Reinforcing PDF
42" Open Rail PDF
42" Open Rail Parapet PDF
42" Open Rail Pickets PDF
Foundation English
Pile Splice Details and Pile Tips ZIP
Static Load Test Frame Field Setup Details ZIP