The Montana Aeronautics Division has two bureaus: Safety and Education and Airport/Airways. These bureaus are responsible for providing for the protection and promotion of safety in aeronautics.

Airport/Airways Bureau

The Airport/Airways Bureau oversees all aspects concerning state involvement in the public and private airport and airways system in Montana. Additionally, the bureau inspects all public use airports, creates an aeronautical chart and directory. The Division facilitates the maintenance of airports and the various components of airport infrastructure, including visual and electronic navigational facilities and flying aids. It administers a loan and grant program to municipal governments to fund airport development and improvement projects.

Safety and Education Bureau

The Safety and Education Bureau develops, promotes and administers the state's aviation safety and education programs. This is accomplished through a college-accredited Aviation Teachers Workshop, the Aviation Career Academy, Winter Survival Clinic, Flight Instructor Refresher Course; state wide school aged poster contest, Mountain Pilot Search Clinic, and other aviation education programs. The Bureau also coordinates the statewide air search and rescue program, trains the program volunteers and coordinators, and maintains an aviation resource library. Additionally, the Bureau administers the statewide aircraft and pilot registration program.

Career positions within these departments include:

  • Administrator
  • Airport and Airways Bureau Chief
  • Safety & Education Bureau Chief
  • Financial Contact/Accountant
  • Administrative assistant
  • Airport Manager
  • Aviation Support Officers
  • Operations Airport Operations Chief
  • Airport Fire Fighter
  • Airplane Mechanic