MDT has a large engineering team dedicated to quality, safety, cost-effectiveness, economic vitality and sensitivity to the environment. Here are just a few of the opportunities that await you as an engineer working for MDT.

Bituminous Pavement

As the technical expert on all asphalt materials and bituminous mixes, the Bituminous Pavement Engineer develops and implements new testing procedures and protocols and keeps MDT current with industry standards.

Bridge Design

Bridge Design Engineers are assigned to a design crew in the Helena-based Bridge Bureau, and are responsible for the development of preliminary and final bridge designs for various structure types.

Geotechnical Engineering

Geotechnical engineers provide the geotechnical design for cut slopes, embankments, pavements, stream/river banks, bridge foundations and retaining walls. They are also involved with construction issues and emergency repairs arising from slope failures.


Hydraulics Engineers perform professional level hydraulic engineering work during the planning, location, design, construction, and maintenance phases of the highway program.

Pavement Management

MDT is a nationally recognized leader in developing and instituting a pavement management process. Our Pavement Management Engineers combine their technical engineering skills with the latest computer technology to take the emerging field of pavement management to the next level.

Safety Management

Safety Management Engineers analyze accident data and form the basis for causation/countermeasure analysis studies. These engineers are also responsible for correlating traffic accidents to roadway geometrics, traffic data, driver characteristics, and other factors. In addition, the Safety Management Engineer is involved in the preliminary engineering design, estimating project construction costs, and performing benefit/cost analyses.

Transportation Enhancement Engineer

The Community Transportation Enhancement Program Engineer performs professional engineering work by providing assistance to Local and Tribal Governments (LTG's) for funding, designing, preparing contract documents, and constructing transportation enhancement projects, while ensuring their completed projects conform to all state and federal laws, regulations and directives.

Various Entry-level Opportunities

We have a variety of opportunities in design and construction, and offer training in all aspects of transportation engineering and construction leading to a team member position in project construction or project design.