Maintenance Program

The Montana Department of Transportation's Maintenance Program is made up of more than 750 employees. These employees provide the support and services to maintain 24,500 lane miles of roadway with over 4,000 pieces of equipment located in more than 150 facilities statewide, by conducting year-round repairs and preventive maintenance of state highways and the various signs and structures within the highway right-of-way, as well as winter plowing and sanding. In addition to the staff in the Helena headquarters office, the Maintenance Division is composed of ten area offices throughout Montana.

Equipment Program

The Equipment Program is responsible for all aspects of the purchase, fabrication, maintenance and disposal of a fleet of equipment and vehicles for use within the Department of Transportation. The Bureau's goal is to provide economical equipment that is multi-functional, safe and accomplishes the required tasks. To that end, Equipment Bureau personnel are assigned to administrative, financial, purchasing and technical services. The Equipment Bureau is also responsible for administering the Motor Pool program.

Helena Headquarters Fabrication Shop

Part of the Equipment Program, the Helena shop is responsible for receiving all newly purchased vehicles and equipment and is mainly responsible for the a fabrication of winter maintenance equipment and specialized equipment. The Helena Shop has become famous for its effective fabrication program. The Helena Shop fabricates the snowplow trucks used by maintenance for the winter maintenance seasons.

Facilities Bureau

The Facilities Bureau administers and monitors MDT's long-range building and facility repair and maintenance program. The Bureau prioritizes facility requests from the Area offices and coordinates long-range building through the Department of Administration.