MCS Officer looks out weigh station window at a blue semi driving through

MCS is looking for professionals to serve as officers within its Enforcement Bureau.

Job Overview

MCS Enforcement Officers are responsible for helping regulate the international and domestic commercial and agricultural motor carrier industry. They are also responsible to enforce international, federal, and state commercial motor carrier laws at both fixed and mobile locations throughout Montana. MCS Enforcement Officers regulate and enforce law individually or with other officers, in densely populated and remote areas of the state. Officers have full autonomous decision-making authority on a wide range of regulation and enforcement issues, including height, width, and weight restrictions, vehicle licensing and motor fuel tax requirements, hazardous material transportation restrictions, and vehicle, operator, and load safety. MCS Enforcement places its highest priority in the safety of the traveling public and the protection of Montana’s infrastructure.

Finding and Applying for a Position

Positions are available at multiple locations! View the job posting to see the current locations we are hiring for.


Entry level candidates will be required to pass the two tests noted below.

  • POST, Stanards & Associates National Police Officer Selection Test. – STUDY GUIDE
  • Montana Physical Abilities Test (MPAT) physical fitness test. – What is the MPAT?

Salary & Benefits

Entry level candidates are paid $25.22 per hour while they attend the Law Enforcement Officer Basic Course, FTO, and CVSA courses.

The current salary for an officer that has completed training is $24.70 per hour.

Additional differential pay for working late night/early shifts and weekends.

MCS Officers receive State of Montana Health Care and Benefits, including vacation and sick leave, health insurance, retirement, and more. View the job posting above for full details.

More Information

For more information about the MCS division, please visit our MCS web site.

For more information about MCS jobs, contact Chris Williams via email or call 406-444-7629. MCS patrol vehicle in foreground with MCS officer in background talking to driver of a fuel truck